I will help you,
understand you.

Crack the code of life and business to achieve not only
what you want, but what you truly deserve!


I will help you,
understand you.

Crack the code of life and business to achieve not only
what you want, but what you truly deserve!


I will help you,
understand you.

Crack the code of life and business to achieve not only
what you want, but what you truly deserve!


I will help you,
understand you.

Crack the code of life and business to achieve not only
what you want, but what you truly deserve!


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Are you ready for your transformation?

I will help you understand YOU. if you are willing, wanting and ready to rewire and rewrite your story?

Feeling out of balance?

Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. 
Find out the secret formula for your life and business.

Having you always felt something is off and you struggle to figure out what it is?

You’re not the only one

Have you ever felt like no matter what you try, you cannot move past certain self-sabotage behaviors? You have deep painful memories you cannot shake or beliefs about yourself or others that cause sadness and fear? Nadiya’s coaching programs are the answer. 

Often, when we are experiencing challenges, it shows up in our relationships, career, business, finances, and overall personal health. If we have not found resolution, there is likely something more going on at an unconscious level. Nadiya’s programs are designed to identify and release faulty strategies, thought and belief patterns and negative emotions at the unconscious level. You will develop skills, access tools, set goals and take control of your thoughts & emotions all while creating your own life and business equation for uncovering the life and business you truly want and desire.

Nadiya creates unique and personalized programs designed to initiate and create extraordinary transformation in your life and business.

What stops you has profound power to move you.

Know what stops you and you’ll discover how you can be moved.


Nadiya Manji

Transformational Life and Business Coach

Why Choose Nadiya?

A Certified Life Coach and Business Coach, Calgary

Nadiya’s own background in one-on-one breakthrough coaching with an international clientele has established her as an expert in mental and emotional wellbeing. Her ability to utilize the key components of communication, energy, intuition and alignment help you become a more aware, more balanced, and a more connected version of yourself.  Don’t become a newer version of yourself, become a truer version of yourself!   

Enhance your ability to understand your blind spots, understand the origins of your struggles, and learn to refine your thought processes.  Gaining these skills will enable you to fully experience your life with pleasure, purpose, and perspective. 

How can Nadiya help me?

How can Nadiya help me?

  • Nadiya brings logic to your emotions
  • Nadiya solves issues with accessible actions
  • Nadiya builds scenarios to have you understand your perspective from multiple dimensions
  • Nadiya helps you connect to your gut intelligence
  • Nadiya helps you energize your four dimensional soul that consists of the mind, body, heart,  and gut
  • Nadiya helps you create balance and alignment in your personal, professional and social life

Personalized programs,

that serve you.

Nadiya takes great pride in providing accessible, personalized and unique to you solutions to your everyday life. Her approach has been curated over many years and she has honed into creating the optimal environment for her clients to excel.


Nadiya helps you develop a deep intuitive understanding of yourself, correct imbalances that show up in your life and upgrade the relationships you connect with. Nadiya will help you develop the skills you require to find a solution to every challenge.


Nadiya helps you develop in your role or business by helping you understand how you show up, where the imbalances lie and how you can improve your productivity, performance and effectiveness.

One on one

Nadiya strongly believes that there is no one size fits all solution to personal and professional development. That is why she works to customize each program for each individual to ensure optimal success. She helps you create the systems, support and accountability to transform your life and business.


From the comfort and privacy of your own home, Nadiya offers virtual options to service her clientele worldwide to provide the highest level of convenience to her clients. 

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“I learned boundaries and I learned to love myself. Along with those bad habits and beliefs we were able to unravel and let them go so that more beautiful and abundant things came into my life. I thought it was so crazy cause there were literally so many syncrazing things happening after every session and then within those sessions things around me were changing and I was shocked, because I pay attention to these things. I am really self aware because I like to look at these things and see what’s happening and see how things are changing, who I was once I unraveled those things and being compassionate and really loving myself in a deeper way that I wasn’t able to do before. That was what I found super helpful and really amazing to be able to look at things around my life changing. I would really recommend this program to others. I feel like we can all be better people and if we want to be the best person that we can we have to dig deep inside ourselves to find anything that may hinder us that we want to fix. It is important to understand where you are, where you want to be and then having the courage to reach out and get that help because why wouldn’t it be worth it to transform your life for the better. With Nadiya, I feel like she has so many skills and methods that with her experience, she will know what will work for you because she’s seen it work for others. I’m really grateful for the transformation that has taken place in my life continuously because of this program so I know that it will benefit others also. “

Mary Ann

“I have been a part of the breakthrough program Rewire your brain, Nadiya and I have known each other for about a year now.

A friend of mine referred me to her, one of the most successful people I’ve ever met, so I went and met her and I decided to go and jump into the breakthrough program and it’s been absolutely incredible. Back then I was anxious, depressed, in the wrong relationship, in the wrong business model, overworking myself and I was just really in a place that I was just losing my confidence and just trying everything to become successful and live the life I truly deserve and it never ever worked, so I started working with Nadiya and it has been absolutely incredible and has completely changed my life. We have worked through a lot of things to let go of relationships, to stand up for myself, to be confident, to stand in my power, to let go of things in that past that were hold me back. I let go of my anxiety, I stopped biting my nails, and now I quit the business model I used to work on , I quit my job and pursued entrepreneurship. Fast forward 6 months - 12 months, I’ve moved into one of the houses of my dreams on a lake property with my own dock and my best friend and we go on vacations, we have fun and we don’t live the 9-5. I just truly live on my own terms now and I have been getting amazing vacations and true fulfilling purpose. My relationships have increased, my influence has increased, my confidence has increased, everything has increased. I don’t know where you're at, I don’t know how you feel in your life right now, but if you're looking for help, if you're looking for someone to truly walk you through your shortcomings and your hardships then Nadiya is the person to talk to. She has helped me incredibly and we are great friends now. You're in really great hands.

The breakthrough program is 12 weeks and I highly recommend you prioritize the time to actually make the changes you want. This life is worth it, you deserve a lot better than what you currently have but you're never going to change if you don’t take a leap of faith and do something about it.

Thank you Nadiya for everything you have done for me and I’m excited to keep working with you over the years.”

- Yannick Long Champs

Nadiya, for the past 5 years that I have known you, I have developed such a trust and have become very loyal to you as you have guided me and helped me through so many crossroads. I wanted to tell you how much we have appreciated you dedicating your time and effort with my husband I and our marriage. For the past 3 months you have taught us how to respect one another, communicate more effectively, and understand one another. We have both learned so much from you and through our experience with you our relationship continues to get better dad by day. Your compassion and time was always there as you guided us on how we relate to one another and the background behind it. You showed us ways to better ourselves and love ourselves for who we are and how to appreciate one another through what we have been through and all the obstacles we have faced in our lives. You showed us how to use words in a kinder way when we talk to one another as well as to ourselves. You understand and remember everything that we said so we know we have been heard and you listened without judging. You keep things confidential so we are not afraid to tell you anything as we know the trust is there. You are so amazing at what you do and so grateful to have you to help us through our struggles and whatever life throws at us! Thank you for all that your have done for us. You will always be our life coach and we know we always have somewhere to go for help! We know you love what your do as it really shows! You will always be successful as you truly are amazing at what you do! Thank you and truly GRATEFUL! May God always bless you with this gift

- Anonymous

Nadiya has been an inspiration for me and her sessions have made an incredible impact on my life and business. She is an amazing and powerful leader.

- Julie Sean

My experience with Nadiya was such a positive and uplifting change, something that was much needed in my life. What makes Nadiya so different is that she doesn’t just tell you what is wrong or what you need to change, she takes you on a path in which you find out for yourself what the root of your problem is. Then she helps you dig deep into where these feeling or emotions came from and why you are experiencing them so much now at this time in your life. She helps you discover these barriers or blockages that are keeping you down and holding you back from experiencing the best form of you. Everyone may have similar feelings or emotions such as: fear, anger, uncertainty etc. but not everyone has had the same experiences in their lives to lead them to those emotions. Nadiya tailors those sessions to your personal life experiences and gets down deep to the cause of why you are feeling the way you are. Think of your issues as a weed, if you try to get rid of it by cutting it at the surface, that may solve the problem for right now but then over time its going to grow back and become even worse. The only way to get rid of the weed or your issues is to dig down to the very bottom root, making sure to grab everyone piece of it and not leaving anything left behind. Nadiya doesn’t leave any stone unturned or any root stuck in the ground. She guided me down to the root of the problem, which can take you down to some even deeper or darker places but then once again she guides you all the way back up and uplifts you to a place you never thought you could get to.

- Shane Dustan

In all honesty, I was a little skeptical coming in for my first meeting with Nadiya because I was really unfamiliar with "energy release" and it seemed a little "hocus pocus" to me, but I desperately needed help letting go of some negative feelings and emotions I was struggling with and I was at the point where I was willing to try anything. Nadiya was patient with me and we talked for a little while, she explained how the energy release therapy worked and ensured I was comfortable before we started the session. After the meeting, I walked out the door feeling different. It was not a "good" or "bad" feeling but just different. A few days later the feelings I had been struggling with just seemed to have disappeared. I figured maybe it was psychological but then a few weeks passed and the negativity was still gone, in fact I started gaining confidence in myself and I was beginning to feel happy - a feeling I haven't felt in so long. It has been about a month and things are still good. I have tried counselling sessions before and in my experience, they just tell you what you already know and it never helped. It is really hard to explain how one meeting with Nadiya helped changed my life. You just have to experience it yourself to truly understand it- that's all I can really say. It's not medicine, it's not textbook and it can't be proved but it worked for me.

- Haj T