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Do you have a block in your life you cannot overcome? Whether it’s health, career, money, parenting or relationships, Nadiya can help realign your thoughts, feelings and habits, clearing the way for a purposeful, fulfilled life! Through 20 years of experience, Nadiya uses several techniques help you walk a clearer path.

1-2-1 Sessions, Breakthrough, Groups …?

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High Performance Energy

Stressed-out people can take out troubles on others leading to a quick temper at work or at home. To beat the negative side of stress, you must reduce the strain or boost your ability to weather its effects.

Executive Coaching

Crushing economic pressure, relationship troubles, crazy work hours, health concerns, money uncertainty. the pressure of trying to do more with less takes its toll. Work on work/life mapping and strategy can help to realign in personal, professional and social areas of your life.

Internal & External Alignment

Finding yourself on an emotional or spiritual plateau is frustrating. Most of the time, we alone cannot overcome the last hurdles. If internal and external are not aligned there will be a break in one of your four sets, mind set, soul set, feel set or skill set.

Environmental Consultation

Nadiya’s innovative approach to holistic energy healing in the workplace is where you’ll find a combination of improved culture, harmony, balance, good fortune, profit, results and most importantly success.

One on One Sessions

Personalized care and attention can make all the difference in the world. A 1-2-1 session with Nadiya will include a detailed look at the areas in your life you feel need improvement along with her best recommendations for techniques and tools to move forward.

One on One

Coaching Programs

Do you have a major block in your life that never seems to improve, no matter what you try? You could be a candidate for breakthrough work. Breakthroughs are a deep drive into your subconscience mind to help release patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back. Those who desire real, deep, lasting change benefit greatly from breakthroughs.

Coaching Programs

Environmental Consultation

Is there discontent in your family or work? An excellent way to realign is through your environment. Nadiya’s environmental consultation will evaluate toxic work or home environments to ensure optimum performance of your life and business.

Environmental Services

What our clients are saying

More than 90% of Nadiya’s clients report a better outlook on life.

I first started seeing Nadiya at a really low point in my life and since completing the sessions with her, that place has become foreign to me. She helped me identify who I am again through her ability to listen, nurture and care.

Leah Fowler

Nadiya was a huge help for me break though my problem of procrastination. She assisted me in gettin my unconscious mine to communicate with my logical mind to overcome procrastination. She did this by working on my higher self to work with my ego. Now I have a lot less internal conflict in achieving goals I set for myself. I tried a lot of the "logical" paths but my spirit wouldn't let me move forward. Now both my mind and spirit are now working a lot better together, as a result, personal goals are starting to come to fruition. Nadiya's program and gift was exactly what was required for me at this time. I thank Nidiya very much and I believe her methods will change how to deal with procrastination in the future!

John Ewanek

With my background working in oil & gas projects, I had always been focused on acquiring certifications and technical skills. Anyone can benefit from developing other skills, however, but a successful entrepreneur needs more tools in their toolbox. During 2017 I took more classes, trainings, programs, and workshops for personal development than ever before. I found many of those resources to be interesting, but not so practical. The life coaching offered by Nadiya Manji has been very effective with her focus on strategies and results. She is taking me from goal setting to goal getting! If you need more tools in your toolbox for personal and professional use, I recommend life coaching with Nadiya Manji.

Roy O. Christensen

Thank you, Nadiya! I really appreciated being able to attend your seminar on Sunday. I was able to gain some awareness about my style of thinking which enabled me to see my stuckness relating to certain goals from a different perspective. Very liberating! Thank you so much for opening my eyes in this way!

Monika Schulz

Consultations, Coaching Programs or Environmental Services….

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A helping hand

Nadiya’s breakthrough guidebooks and series can set you on the path to greater success!



What a near-death experience taught me about the secrets to life and business.


Organizational Alignment Guidebook


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