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Searching for Balance

After a harrowing near-death experience, Nadiya realized she had become one of the clients she had spent the last 20 years treating. 

Coming to terms with how her internal processes were affected by this trauma, Nadiya began a journey to search for her own balance and embrace life.

In her book, she shares her experience and links it to the secret formula for how to achieve balance and success in life and business.


a sneak peak at 
what’s inside:

“A great read. A fascinating perspective on facing a near-death experience and how you cope with the trauma. Facing an existential task everyone has asked themselves of why am I alive and what is my purpose.” 

“When I was reading about multitasking, it was as if it’s my story. So yes this book resonated with me. Also this portion on multitasking brought a lot of clarity and decluttering for me. Though before that I stopped reading for several days to continue my multitasking!!!!! That’s when I realized what I was avoiding and what was lacking for me. So for me this was a great therapy. I will most definitely take on/practice the gift that Nadia gives us. Good book and will most definitely buy her next book.”

A great read. Couldn’t put the book down after starting the read. Amazing.”
“Wow. This book is phenomenal. Nadiya’s perceptive, insights, and writing style is not only relatable but offers tools that can bring life into equilibrium and help anyone (especially entrepreneurs) sustainably raise their game.”
“Loved it, gives an insight and a new perspective about life. Helped me to understand that things happen in life but how we are going to deal with them, it’s all about the mindset. A good buy and worth reading.”
“Searching for Balance is page after page of insights, perspectives, and truths. Nadiya’s writing is like her coaching: intuitive with descriptive and personal examples of how to achieve balance and embrace life.”

Searching for Balance is a fantastic book full of subtle hints on how to go about your life to improve your life quality. It is a must read for those who desire to change.”

“The author does a great job of diving into these topics and giving detailed real life experiences. I highly recommend this book.”

Meet the author

Nadiya Manji

Nadiya Manji is a sought after leadership and alignment coach who helps clients breakthrough their personal, professional and social vulnerabilities, improve self-awareness and create balanced, empowered and resilient leaders in all divisions of life and business. Living in Canada now, Nadiya has lived and practiced in three continents, where she developed a love for helping people identify and overcome their inner blocks and barriers that prevent them from leading their best lives. 

Nadiya is a Master Coach, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, International TEDx Speaker, and Author of the self-help book titled, “Searching for Balance”. She has spent over 20 years honing her skills in science, spirituality and intuition. Now, Nadiya offers a wide range of coaching programs and services including in person coaching, corporate workshops, training sessions and on-board consultations.