Clinical Hypnotherapy

Create a state of focus through the use of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is a method of using hypnosis to interact with the subconscious mind, which can lead to a reflective process to create positive change in your life.

Through hypnosis treatments, you have the ability to alter your behavior, exchanging outdated beliefs or behaviors you no longer need or want with the ones you desire. Leveraging the power of your subconscious mind, Hypnotherapy is frequently swift and effective in addressing personal issues, enhancing focus, and improving overall performance. Replace your limiting behaviors with attitudes and actions that promote growth and success.
Can help you with the following:
Did you know?
Throughout the centuries, many of the world’s foremost scientific theorists, politicians, celebrities, and influencers have employed hypnotherapy as a catalyst for their success. Here are just a few notable individuals you might be familiar with!

Albert Einstein

Underwent hypnosis to enhance his creative thinking

Martha Stewart

Underwent hypnosis for recurring nightmares

Barack Obama

Underwent hypnosis to stop smoking after 30 years

David Beckham

Underwent hypnosis to relieve his obsessive-compulsive disorder

Julia Roberts

Underwent hypnosis to stop stuttering

Orlando Bloom

Underwent hypnosis for weight loss

Princess Diana

Underwent hypnosis for public speaking and confidence

Tiger Woods

Underwent hypnosis for sports performance

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Underwent hypnosis to relieve his obsessive-compulsive disorder

Reese Witherspoon

Underwent hypnosis to overcome her insecurities

Frequently Ask Questions about Hypnotherapy
Is hypnotherapy safe?

While in a hypnotic state, the body stays relaxed, and the mind remains fully alert, open to receiving positive suggestions. It’s crucial to emphasize that during this state, individuals would not engage in actions that go against their ethical or moral values. 

Hypnosis will only be initiated if there is mutual agreement between the hypnotherapist and the client to proceed with the therapy.

Can I be hypnotized?
The majority of individuals can be hypnotized, but it’s essential to note that one cannot be hypnotized against their will. Success in hypnosis is contingent upon the person’s willingness and desire to implement changes, as well as their openness to the concept of hypnosis. Please note: Individuals experiencing severe depression should refrain from undergoing hypnosis. Please reach out to me for alternative options.
Will I quack like a duck?
Certainly, this is therapeutic hypnosis, not stage hypnosis. You cannot be compelled to do anything contrary to your will or moral code. You maintain full control throughout the process.
Will I remember everything?
Hypnosis is an elevated state of awareness and focus, not characterized by amnesia. While it’s possible to encounter some amnesia under specific circumstances, it is not a common occurrence.
Am I in control when under?
You retain control while under hypnosis. The effectiveness of hypnosis depends on your willingness; it will not work if you do not want to be hypnotized.
When will I start to see changes?
Responsiveness can differ among clients; nevertheless, there are typically three types of change associated with Hypnotherapy. Immediate: You experience a noticeable shift right from the first session, with immediate changes in your physiology, thoughts, and behaviors. This positive transformation continues throughout the six sessions and beyond. Incremental: You witness consistent shifts every week, and these changes accumulate over time as the sessions build upon each other. Retroactive: There might be a subtle shift, and you may not immediately recognize the changes. Then, one day, you reflect and notice all the things that are different in your life.
Is this therapy covered by insurance?
Effective August 1, 2020, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists and Registered Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapy services are covered by most major insurance providers. Please contact your insurance provider for more information