Meet Nadiya

A master intuitive coach, registered clinical hypnotherapist, speaker, author, corporate trainer, consultant, business owner, wife and mom to three amazing boys.

One of the biggest fears we all have in life is not being accepted.

All we want is to feel that we belong, are liked and loved.

I experienced this deep pain very early

on in my life and I couldn’t move past it.

When I realized that I was an intuitive child, I knew I was different.  Being “intuitive” was a label that was not accepted in the society where I was born. The challenges that were associated with this label conditioned me to play small in how I showed up in the world to be successful. 

Fast forward to my adult life, I moved through three continents where I felt lost, stuck, confused and disconnected. I lived through the pain of not fitting in, over and over. From university, to marriage, to motherhood, to business success and failures, these feelings showed up time and time again. Why? Because I was constantly playing small in the game of life. 

Over time, I started to feel rejected, frustrated and insecure. It felt as though I couldn’t overcome this challenge no matter how many books I read, courses I took or intellectual and spiritual teachers I sought knowledge from. I knew there was a “gap” that was not being filled. There was something in between the intellectual and spiritual parts of me that were not connecting or aligned, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

…and then a harrowing near-death accident caused me to became one of the clients.

I had spent the last
20 years treating.

Feeling out of balance? Don’t worry, I’ve been there too.

Find out the secret formula for your life and business.

Up until this point, everything was either external or internal remedies.There was nothing that would bridge the two.

As I started to dig deeper, I realized that there were a number of conditions, patterns and limitations that were holding me back from showing up as my higher self, however there were no technical solutions to overcoming these challenges. That’s when I knew that I needed to redesign, reprogram, realign and rewire myself in order to show up with my true potential.  From pain to passion, the most important thing I learned throughout this journey was the power of emotional fitness and intelligence – which I believe is integral to creating resilience in your life.

We are all human and all have emotions which communicates to us through our body, mind, environment and soul.  Until we are aligned and connected, we cannot fulfill our true purpose of why we are here or who we really are.

So now, I help people to get inspired, empowered and rewired to create success in the leadership of their own lives and businesses.