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Why Procrastination Shows Up

What is Procrastination

Procrastination is the act of postponing decisions or actions unnecessarily. It can be detrimental to your ability to achieve your goals which can increase stress and effect your mental health. 

A lot of people believe that procrastination is just a matter of willpower, however it can be more complicated than that.

Reasons for Procrastinating

There are many Reasons for Procrastinating, we will discuss a few of the reasons. Not all of these items will pertain to you or your situation. 

Vague Goals

If you make a goal that is as simple as “Lose Weight” with no plan as to how to achieve that goal, it is something that can easily be brushed off. If you have not set specific archive

A goal that is as simple as “Lose Weight” instead of a tangible goal, like “Lose 2lbs list week by doing these items” is a tangible marker that your can reach for.

Feeling Overwhelmed

When you are Feeling Overwhelmed you may end up procrastinating and find yourself stuck and unable to get any of your tasks complete. It is important to remember that feeling overwhelmed doesn’t just come from having too many tasks to complete, it can also come from having one large task that with many elements.

Both of these can very easily lead to your feeling overwhelmed and can causer you to procrastinate.

Task Aversion

How many times in your life have you set aside tasks that you knew were not complete? For example you were supposed to make a phone call however you are avoiding it, because you did not want to talk to that person.

People tend to avoid tasks that they find unappealing so they procrastinate, which only makes the task larger than it should have been.

Fear of Disaster or Failure

For a lot of people, the fear of disaster or failure can lead to procrastination. This can make you feel like the tasks are weighing down on you, making you feel stuck.

For others the feel of negative input can lead them to avoid tasks altogether. There are countless reasons that procrastination shows up, the next step is understanding it and getting it under control.

Procrastination Shows Up


If any of these reasons sound familiar, don’t despair. With a couple of quick hypnotherapy sessions, we can help you get your Procrastination manageable and make sure that you have the tools to recognize patterns when they show up. With these tools you will be able to free yourself from the weight of procrastination.

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