Welcome to Profound Wellness

Nadiya has developed a love for helping people overcome barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals. Having lived on multiple continents and become an International Ted Talk speaker, she has helped many people in her 20+ years of assisting people to find their balance.

In 2019 Nadiya decided to be trained in Hypnotherapy, as she saw the benefits for people being able to achieve their goals. In late 2020 she completed her training and is now an ARCH Canada Registered Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist.

With this training, and her past training in Reiki (Reiki Grand Master) and Coaching Nadiya has opened Profound Wellness where she can offer all her training services in one place.

Profound is offering Therapy Services and Coaching in various areas such as:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • HypnoReikiTM
  • Intuitive Life Coaching

Click on the links above and read all about the different types of services and their benefits.

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