Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) What is OCD?

So that is OCD exactly? OCD is a featured pattern of thoughts and fears (obsessions) that can lead to obsessive behaviors (compulsions). 

Science suggests that Obsessive-compulsive disorder occurred because of a communication error between different parts of the brain. While research has shown that is can be inherited, but there are a lot of other reason when your brain changes, resulting in OCD behavior.

OCD Behavior Symptoms

OCD behavior can present in several different ways and you typically present both obsessive and compulsive behaviors. However, it is possible to only present with one or the other. This can lead to these behaviours taking a great deal of your daily time, causing other symptoms such as Anxiety (worrying about why you do these things) and depression (why you cannot gain control these behaviours).

Obsessive Symptoms can present as items such as:

  • Contamination or dirt
  • Needing things orderly and symmetrical
  • Doubt and having difficulty tolerating uncertainty

Compulsive behaviours can present with symptoms such as:

  • Washing hands until they become raw
  • Checking doors and windows are locked repeatedly
  • Counting patterns
  • Repeating a phrase or word
  • Demanding reassurance

For people suffering from OCD and Anxiety, simple interaction with everyday actions such as touching a doorknob can lead to thoughts of germs and excessive scrubbing/washing. In some cases, this is done so aggressively the skin becomes raw. This behaviours are exacerbated during times of high stress or anxiety.

OCD and Anxiety under control, With a deep state of relaxation

Get your OCD and Anxiety under control so you can regain your life. We will work together to discover what your triggers for an incident are. 

With a just a few hypnotherapy sessions, we will help teach your brain how to both recognize your triggers and deal with them.

Hypnotherapy you into a state of deep relaxation while focusing on the hypnotherapist voice. During this time we reprogram patterns and behaviour in your mind that can cause the irrational fears and thoughts.

Nadiya is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with ARCH Canada and has lots of knowledge that can help you overcome your OCD behaviours.

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