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Have you always felt there is something off?

Nadiya creates unique and personalized programs designed to initiate and create extraordinary transformation in your life and business.

Have you ever felt like no matter what you try, you cannot move past certain self-sabotage behaviors? You have deep painful memories you cannot shake or beliefs about yourself or others that cause sadness and fear? Nadiya’s coaching programs are the answer.

Often, when we are experiencing challenges, it shows up in our relationships, career, business, finances, and overall personal health. If we have not found resolution, there is likely something more going on at an unconscious level.

This process is designed to identify and release faulty strategies, thought and belief patterns and negative emotions at the unconscious level. You will develop skills, access tools, set goals and take control of your thoughts & emotions all while creating your own life and business equation for uncovering the life you truly want and desire.

How we’ll help you break through?

Nadiya has specially designed a personalized 6-steps program to help you break through your challenges. During each stage, Nadiya will take the necessary time to assist you in your transformation and personal mastery. Depending on the package you choose, Nadiya will customize her coaching services, program material and techniques to provide you with the building blocks for your breakthrough.

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What a near-death experience taught me about the secrets to life and business.

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Breakthrough, Groups…?

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Balancing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

Nadiya is an expert on rebalancing your energy to achieve amazing results. Her techniques and advice have helped countless clients live their best lives.

International Life Coach Nadiya Manji presents Re-Wire Your Life!

Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block