Hypnotherapy and Financial Stress

Hypnotherapy and Financial Stress

May Feel Financial Stress, Recognize & Mitigate Triggers

There are certain times of the year when we feel financial stress and it tends to wreak havoc on our brain. If you’re not prepared to deal with emergency equipment replacements, holidays, staff turnover, or receivables, it’s easy to become worried about finances. While there are many factors that can cause money anxiety, learning how to recognize and mitigate triggers is indeed possible.

Stress itself is a natural reaction to our environment. Linda Gallo, PhD and associate professor of psychology explains: 

“Humans are actually equipped to deal with stress and stress can be beneficial, at least initially, because it allows us to avoid danger and face challenges. But, stress becomes unhealthy when it is unrelenting and people do not experience opportunities to recover. So, in these cases stress can lead to physical problems, things like headaches and stomach aches and also mental health issues, such as anxiety, trouble sleeping.”

When you start to experience unhealthy stress, it is time to shift your energy and create a new relationship with your finances.

A Positive Relationship with Money, Discover a Change in Energy

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to attract and maintain a positive relationship with money? It is possible that your past experiences may be causing you to subconsciously self-sabotage yourself. Unknowingly, we convince ourselves of what we are, or are not, capable of.

Registered Hypnotherapist Aisla Frank describes it perfectly, “we are constantly hypnotising ourselves with repetitive thoughts, hypnotherapy allows you to make these thoughts more positive helps you to create the life you want, getting your subconscious mind on track to support you and help you reach your goals”. 

Hypnosis creates a state of increased, self-controlled suggestibility and concentration. As you allow yourself to declutter these emotions and experiences from your life, and can process their root causes, you can then understand how they came into your life. Remember that they can also exit from your life, so you can move forward in peace.

Of course, you may want to utilize other resources in conjunction with hypnotherapy. While you work on internal healing, you can also seek the assistance of other professionals like accountants, financial planners, or by using free government resources. Alternatively you can get life coaching directly from us that can work in conjunction with Hypnotherapy.

When we embrace our choices and strategically decide on what we want, there is no stopping us.

Hypnotherapy and Financial Stress

Focus on Progression

Don’t get caught up in perfectionism, focus on progression. At the end of the day, if you are making progress in what you do, that is one step closer to your end goal. Start your journey with hypnotherapy to ease your financial stress and get rid of your money anxiety. Book your Clarity Call and start your progression towards a better relationship with money.