Clear vision, powerful teams

A powerful team is the best way to get your organization moving in the right direction. A group session with Nadiya will realign your priorities and get your team operating at optimal efficiency.

Leading teams comes with challenges. Getting a new or changing team to gel properly takes skills that can be taught. For decades, Nadiya Manji has coached teams to new levels of understanding by combining soul set, feel set and mind set into a skill set that can be applied directly to your teams.


Weather the storm with grace and courage

When leaders are stressed, they usually don’t treat themselves or others well. Many busy executives self-medicate, or overeat, or don’t eat, or eat the wrong things. Exercise quickly drops off their to-do list.
Stressed-out leaders can take out troubles on other people leading to a quick temper at work or at home, angry or impatient responses, or an attitude of “If I’m suffering, everyone else suffers”.
To beat the negative side of stress, you have two choices: Reduce the strain or boost your ability to weather its effects. With nearly 20 years of experience globally coaching leaders and CEOs, Nadiya Manji has developed techniques that focus on improving your mental and physical ability to process stress. Here’s how:

  • emotional wellness building
  • Heart quotient building
  • Building the three alignments, mindset, feel set, soul set
  • Emotional release
  • Education on dealing with others’ emotions
  • Heart-drive building

Critical analysis

Alignment to better handle overwhelming pressures in your organization

Crushing economic pressure on your business, unrelenting competition, crazy work hours, downsizing, slashed budgets, uncertainty… the pressure of trying to do more with less, takes its toll.
Executives and middle managers alike are exhausted by their brutal schedules and the intense demands on them.
Working with Nadiya can help realign that ‘gut feeling’ with practical thinking to build perception and awareness making for effective leadership under the most stressful of circumstances. Here’s how:

  • Regain your gut quotient – your instincts
  • Three dimensional work – align your instincts with your mind and heart
  • Building perception and awareness

Executive Coaching

Release pre-conceived notions of mental strength for greater effectiveness.

Company leaders face a multitude of challenges and pressures, but with a public persona to maintain for the benefit of the company and themselves

Nadiya can guide you through dealing and releasing personal and professional stressors leading to greater clarity and stronger direction. Here’s how:

  • Build team alignment
  • Build director alignment
  • Practical application of themes

Team dynamics

Alignment of core values, integrity and communication for efficient teams

Imagine that you’ve brought together the brightest people in your department to solve a problem.

You feel frustrated when people can’t come to a decision, disagree, gossip or undermine each other, take credit or contribute less than expected.

Learn the secrets to team alignment and practical applications of themes to everyday interactions between executives and their teams.

With Nadiya, you will learn to apply emotionology systematically for greater success by crystalizing corporate core values, standards of integrity and communications techniques. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Building team emotionology
  • Dealing with feelings first, then facts
  • Improving communication techniques
  • Crystalizing core values
  • Expecting high standards of integrity

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Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block