Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality is the foundation of our therapeutic services. If people couldn’t trust that what they shared in therapy stayed between them and their therapist, there would be no point of going.

At Profound Wellness, confidentiality means that:

  • What you share in counselling remains between you and your therapist
  • Even the very fact that you are attending therapy is confidential
  • If you see your therapist in public, he or she will not greet you unless you greet him or her first

The only thing that takes precedence over confidentiality is safety. That is why there are four limits to confidentiality where your therapist must report to the appropriate authorities:

  • If you say you are going to hurt yourself
  • If you say you are going to hurt someone else
  • If you say that a child is being abused
  • If you say that you have been abused by a licensed professional, such as a physician or another therapist

It is also possible that if you are involved in a court case, your therapist’s notes could be subpoenaed.