Have you always felt that there is something ‘off’?

No matter what you try, you cannot move past certain self-sabotage behaviors. You have deep, painful memories you cannot shake or beliefs about yourself or others that cause sadness or fear?

Breaking through Anxiety, Procrastination, Business Breakthrough, Health, Career, Family or Relationship at an unconscious level will influence our life on a fundamentally.

Our subconscious is influential in our lives. Sometimes events occur that cause us deep pain. Breakthrough work is a powerful, safe way to access this pain and release it in a healthy way to break harmful patterns. A breakthrough session with Nadiya will leave you feeling lighter, brighter and happier.

Breakthrough work is for clients who want to dive deeply into themselves to experience real, lasting change.

How we work with you. Six steps to success:

  • Intake
  • Analysis
  • Strategy sessions
  • Evaluations
  • Release techniques
  • Action Plan

With each step, Nadiya takes the time necessary to release and realign your four sets, mind set, soul set, feel set and soul set, putting you on the path you have dreamed.

E.A.T & E.R.T

With Emotional Analysis Technique (EAT.) and Emotional Release Technique (E.R.T) you will experience a renewed sense of self and harmony between your mind, body and spirit.
Here’s how:

  • Realign your mind, body and spirit
  • Release emotions pent up from the past
  • Logically analysis of emotions

Quantum Release Technique

Finding yourself on an emotional or spiritual plateau is frustrating. Most of the time, we alone cannot overcome the last hurdles. Quantum change digs deep into the soul and into the past to rid our subconscious of harmful patterns.
Here’s how:

  • Elite training program that delivers the alignment of the four sets mindset, feelset, skillset, soulset
  • A deep dive into the nine quantum codes of leadership and executive alignment
  • Increase productivity and performance by learning auditing performance
  • Training into the higher level of EQ which is based upon senses and signals of reaction
  • Decode and discover the communication breakthrough for mental emotional health and wellbeing

Personal Coaching

The key to any good coaching plan is goal setting. Once the blocks in your life are identified, Nadiya works to set goals and measures in place that move you forward. If you want to succeed, you need to set goals. Without goals you lack focus and direction. Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction; it also provides you a benchmark for determining whether you are succeeding.
Here’s how:

  • Set achievable goals that have meaning
  • SMART goal setting
  • Accountability measurements
  • Alignment of your feelings, senses and thoughts

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Nadiya is an expert on rebalancing your energy to achieve amazing results. Her techniques and advice have helped countless clients live their best lives.

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Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block