About Nadiya Manji

Become uncomfortable to create the comfortable life you have always wanted

Nadiya is an international speaker, author, TEDx speaker and Alignment Consultant. She is also certified in NLP, a certified hypnotherapist, and a Corporate Quantum Change Process Practitioner. Her extensive background in physiology and biochemistry makes her a leading authority in human communication, influence, and persuasion at the quantum level. For over a decade, Nadiya studied extensively with leading practitioners in three continents to decode quantum energy and how it affects alignment. Nadiya is a sought an expert in energy, intuition and communication, bringing together the four areas of mind, soul, thoughts and feelings and their imminent effects on performance.

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Balancing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

Nadiya is an expert on rebalancing your energy to achieve amazing results. Her techniques and advice have helped countless clients live their best lives.

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Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block


Do you find you have a block