Lack of Motivation

5 Tips to Address Your Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation and How to Overcome it

Most people suffer from a lack of motivation at some point in their lives. You can struggle with lack of motivation for a while, which can feel crushing and hard to get out of. If you suffer from depression, a lack of motivation can control all elements of your life and range from mild to severe. 

In this article we discuss what motivation is and ways to regain control of your inspiration.

What is Motivation

We believe we know what motivation is and how to handle it. Psychology Today says that “Motivation is the desire to act in service of a goal. It’s the crucial element in setting and attaining our objectives.” 

Seems simple enough, right? Just set your mind to something and it will happen. However, as we all know, it is not that simple for everyone. Life events tend to get in the way of your well thought out plan for the day, week, and year. This can lead to feelings of depression, inadequacy, and failure which can spin out of control quickly.

Motivation Tips

Sometimes a quick “reset” to your brain on how items get handled can be enough to kick start the motivation train.

Below are 5 Tips to get a handle on your motivation:

1. Set Small Tangible Goals

When you get up in the morning set your goals for the day. They can be small items like making yourself a lunch or going for a walk at lunch. Checking items off the list, no matter how small, is a good feeling. It makes you feel accomplished and keeps you moving forward.

2. Don’t over schedule

When you make your to-do list for the day, make sure the list has some flexibility. Even the best laid plans can get sidetracked, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get all 16 things on your list done. Better yet, try scheduling half of those items. If you get 8 done and there is still time remaining in your day, bonus!

3. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination and lack of motivation go hand in hand. If you have something undone from yesterday’s list, make that the first item on your list for today. “Swallow the Frog” means do the unpleasant things first, you will feel a lot better once the item is off your list.

4. Exercise

Exercising releases endorphins that boosts your mood. Try going for a walk at lunch and, just like your daily goals, don’t be hard on yourself. Walking for 5 minutes is better than spending that time over thinking your to-do list and what is still outstanding. Walk away from the computer, put down the phone, and look after you for a few minutes. A quick walk can clear up your brain and breathe life back into your focus.

5. Practice Gratitude

It always seems easier to complain than to be positive. The practice of gratitude can help you understand recognize the good, and help you stay focused on the positive that happens every day.

Lack of Motivation

Hypnotherapy and Motivation

If you are struggling to understand more of why you lack motivation and how to get it under control, hypnotherapy sessions can shed light on the issues you struggle with. During a few sessions we can get to the bottom on why you struggle with motivation, what the outside factors may be, and how to get a handle on your motivation factors. 

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